Tsai Ming-Liang. Walker

2024 | Le Commun, Geneva
A collaboration between Black Movie and Centre de la photographie Genève

Black Movie International Independent Film Festival and Centre de la photographie Genève present Walker, a site-specific exhibition designed by Taiwanese filmmaker and artist Tsai Ming-Liang at Le Commun, Geneva.

In 2012, Tsai Ming-Liang directed No Form. It features his favourite actor
Lee Kang-sheng, dressed as a monk, neck bent, walking in slow motion through the streets of Taipei. Later, he directed Walker in Hong Kong and asked himself: “Is Hong Kong moving too fast? Can we go more slowly? How much slower?”. These short films form the starting point of the Walker series, now made up of ten installments. Each time, Tsai Ming-Liang repeats the same gesture, in different contexts, from Taipei to Paris.

For its 25th edition, the Black Movie Festival wanted to highlight the work of a filmmaker it has followed throughout his career. Combined with a programme of some fifteen Taiwanese films, including seven by Tsai Ming-Liang, the exhibition Walker is a first for Switzerland. Over the two floors of Le Commun, the exhibition presents a selection of five films from the Walker series, associated with an installation combining footage of the performance The Monk from Tang Dynasty with a series of drawings and sketches by Tsai Ming-Liang, all set in a scenography specially designed by the artist.

This exhibition is the second collaboration between Black Movie and Centre de la photographie Genève, after the presentation of Wang Bing. L’Œil qui marche (produced by Le Bal, Paris) at Centre de la photographie Genève in 2022.

Exhibition views by Annik Wetter