A selection of some of the exhibitions I curated for different institutions in Switzerland in the last five years: Photoforum Pasquart (Biel), Fondation Verdan – Musée de la main (Lausanne), SAKS gallery (Geneva), mudac (Lausanne), Fmac (Geneva), CEPV – Festival Images (Vevey) as well as panels I organised or took part in.

Here are some of my favourite projects so far (more in the menu).

An exhibition exploring the contemporary production and consumption of networked images through artists’ positions and vernacular material.
Curated with Miriam Edmunds
Photoforum Pasquart, Biel, 2019

Lukas Hoffmann | Matheline Marmy
An joint exhibition by two artists processing their observation of their environnment through the making of images or the reproduction of natural processes.
Photoforum Pasquart, Biel, 2019

An exhibition exploring the parallel between perfumery and photography
Photoforum Pasquart, Biel, 2019

Lisa Lurati: Scherzo. Molto allegro quasi presto
First solo show of Lisa Lurati
Photoforum Pasquart, Biel, 2018

Hordes & nuées
Hordes & Nuées [Hordes & Swarms] is a visual essay about animality, bringing together in a narrative sequence 104 appropriated images from 56 photographers. It explores our relationship to animality in an exuberant visual assemblage where the postures, attitudes and gestures of men and animals echo one another.
Curated with Myriam Ziehli
CEPV – Festival Images, Vevey, 2014

A transdisciplinary exhibition about the historical and contemporary conceptions and representations of the body in biology and medicine, and how sociological, pedagogical and artistic aspects fashion these representations.
Curated with Roxanne Currat and Carolina Liebling
Musée de la main UNIL-CHUV (Fondation Verdan), Lausanne; Anatomisches Museum, Basel; Kulturama, Zurich, 2014-2016

Take Two
An exhibition presenting ve video pieces about reenactment selected from the Fonds André Iten (part of the contemporary art collection of the City of Geneva) and invited artists, with an exhibition display created by a young artist collective from Geneva.
Curated with David Gagnebin-de Bons
Médiathèque du Fonds d’Art Contemporain de la Ville de Genève, Geneva, 2014

The Breath On Our Back
Contemporary western societies tend towards an ideal of preservation, individual protection and well-being that permeates through all instances of a daily life that sometimes ends up feeling like a utopia.
Curated with Maude Oswald
Photoforum Pasquart, Biel, 012

Panel: Under the Influence
Having entered in the visual arts often in indirect or accidental ways, photography and cinema have now become influential actors of the field, and in doing so have, sometimes significantly, transformed their own practices through contact with the visual arts and their institutions. Under the Influence addresses these “traffics of influence.”
With Alexander Birchler, Emilie Bujes, Eva Leitolf, Barbara Le Maître, Philippe-Alain Michaud, Laurent Guido.
Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, 2011